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About Del Salereo

Jazz Funk Soul & Boogie has always the foundation behind Del Salereo’s musical experience, which he first encountered with sound systems while growing up in the mid 80s. Working in clubs over the years, he was introduced to the world of soul and funk and loved dancing to the jazz funk and beats in clubs like Electric Ballroom, Bumbles, Crackers, and Valentino’s. He began DJing in pubs and clubs while also participating in a roadshow with Tony B. However, It was James Anthony’s (Mi Soul) atmospheric voice and performance in Valentino’s that inspired Del Salereo’s transition to radio. He enrolled in radio presenter’s college and has since hosted shows on Solar Radio.Back2backfm where Villa CUBANA was born and runs the club nights with Janet Harris & Co radio host and Journalist media resource in the Cuban scene Sofi Cook who has TV & Radio background experience making a top team to bring you a fantastic Saturday evening of Musica Cubana magic
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