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DJ Samee Skates

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About Samee Skates

From a young age music and roller skating has been an important part of my life.

From the early 80’s I have been in the music industry and I was one of the founder member of two UK soul bands called Savanna and LW5.

I got into DJing purely for my love of funk and soul music. This has led me to opportunities to Dj in many of the soul clubs around London including We Love Soul, Smooth Grooves and Ministry of Sound.

In the 2000s I started a family roller disco called Skating Haven and we now have taken residency in Newham Leisure Centre which has now grown to be the largest roller disco in London.

I have been able to combine music with roller skating so I feel have fulfilled my dream J.

I was then asked to become a radio DJ on Back2Back FM and where my funk shows were very popular.

As a bass player I love a good bass line and good uplifting lyrics.

My radio shows aims to mix up the old and the new playing hard core funk that never gets any radio plays,  hopefully by end of one of my shows I’ll have you nodding your head and dancing around the room.

If you are interested in roller skating lessons or roller disco check out our website or call 07956 131 672 for more info.

Increase the peace, be safe and love each other.

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