Midnight Fiesta Show

DJ Hughie

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Tuesday 12:00 am trending_flat 2:00 am

About DJ Hughie

DJ Hughie has a natural love of music, which he has possessed since he was a toddler. He is (just) a little bigger now, and he loves all forms of music with a melody. Hughie has been DJing since 1981 when a friend had an emergency at a party, and had to leave to borrow a back-up amplifier after the one he was using had blown. Hughie was left to hold the fort using the underpowered household amplifier, a roll of insulation tape, a box of scratched vinyl 7″ singles and 12″ albums (thankfully his copy of ‘1000 Volts Of Holt’ was in good condition), 2 very dodgy turntables, a temperamental mixer, an unsteady trestle table, and the wobbly floorboards in the rear room of a Victorian house which caused the records to jump every time someone walked into the room, let alone when people were dancing – IT WAS A GREAT PARTY!!!!!!!! This gave Hughie a flavour for even more, and his music policy was, and still is to play the highest quality music.
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