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About DJ 5 Star Kid

DJ 5starKiD is an innovator in the UK scene. Not just a DJ but also a music producer. With the spotlight on him, he is one of the fastest rising DJs in both Kizomba/ Urban Kiz world and Club scene with international status under his name. 5starkid was born in Lagos State, Nigeria. He moved to the Uk at the age of 12, where he started his professional DJ career as a teen and went into the scene in 2014 with residencies in Birmingham, Cardiff, London and Worcester for both Club tunes and Kizomba nights. With his great ear for quality and rhythm he can seamlessly transit between the two and uses his insight to create mixes like no one else can. 5StarKiD is as genuinely authentic as a person as his music is, he is a great laugh, he will always give you a genuine smile. When he is out there with the music, he creates a vibe that leaves you buzzing; whether he is dancing, or he is playing there is an atmosphere of excitement, his energy is infectious – you never want to leave the dance floor. Nobody hits it like 5starKiD does. lets get it

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